Michael Green Associates has completed numerous as-built surveys, boundary surveys, subdivision plats,
and topographic surveys for both public and private projects. Projects have ranged in size from individual,
single-family lots to comprehensive topographic and wetland boundary surveying for various size parcels.

With more than 25 years of surveying experience and 22 years serving the community as a company, we
have compiled an extensive database of survey information, including subdivisions exceeding 200 lots,
shopping centers, business parks, and other commercial and industrial projects.

Michael Green Associates has provided professional surveying services to major industrial, commercial,
residential, and governmental clients. We are committed to offering state-of-the-art technology for our
clients with employees trained to use the most cutting edge equipment and software available.


About Michael Green Associates

Property boundaries, ground contours, and existing
features directly affect project design. After a project is
conceived, surveying is the first task to be accomplished in
order to provide the critical basis for all other aspects of the

Surveying is the art of measuring. It begins with the
measurement of property -- its dimensions and its place
relative to other properties. It then proceeds to the size and
location of objects on the property, both natural and man-
made. As property undergoes development, new
boundaries are established and the correct location of
property improvements is defined. Surveying concludes
with the recording of the location of the boundaries and
Septic Site Planning Survey

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